Floral Designer Anna Zemtsova



and act...

ADVICES from ANNA      

Ann calls herself floral perfectionist. Imagination and desire to create new things  are among  her outstanding properties, and what more - she will create a perfect picture regardless of any obstacles!


Couple of words about Anna and her work by herself:


I believe in unconventional approach to wedding decoration and to flowers. I’ve been practicing floral decorations for 17 years, and now have 101 techniques and 501 drafts in my sketchbook.


Having adopted passion for new constructions from my parents (who are both architects), I develop them on my long winter evenings.


My inspiration is found in art, architecture, nature and people around me, professionals  of floral design teach me and what I don’t like is copying somebody else.


Now I live and work in Bulgaria, get knowledge of floral culture here and fulfil my brightest ideas with #bulgariandreamteam ….


Anna owns a project in Bulgaria and she composes edible vegan fruit-and-vegetable  bouquets.