Services and prices - Traditional ceremony

Beautiful traditional ceremony for two loving hearts. How does it look like?


First of all, it is the music of nature: sunrise or sunset, sound of waves, seagulls singing and subtle texture of water and sand.


Everything is done for You, and it is a fairytale with You as main characters … your favorite music plays and you go to the altar in a perfect dress with a bouquet - and there waits your loved one…


Wedding host just helps you to realize how important it is to truly love each other and how meaningful this day is, - and there comes this moment of marriage vows and love words, tenderness and gratefulness. There is nobody in the world, just the two of you and this is the instance of faith and honesty.


Our task is to help You and plan this day as beautiful, stylish and unusual as possible. Although these moments are unforgettable, they will still be photo and video recorded.


This ceremony means a lot of responsibility for our skilled team, and we understand  that Your mood today and Your memories for the whole life depend on our work.


We experience all emotions and senses with our couples … Happiness is a deep feeling and it cannot be simply performed!

Each wedding is unique, as there are no similar stories and couples. We are fascinated by each individual and are happy to experience this incredible love and warmth with You.

Our ceremonies are full of creativity and we have a keen eye on details, and we do our best to  make one of the most memorable and amazing days of your life perfect!


Prices from 900 to 1200 Euro


In price included:


- event location, design and theme

- ceremony scenario

- wedding bouquet and boutonniere

- host and sound accompaniment

- photo and video shooting / video-tape editing

- bridal preparations

- dinner for two and wedding cake

- reservation of a newlyweds suite


Let’s check the details and I will answer all Your questions!