1.Is the registration of marriage  in Bulgaria officially permitted for foreigners?

No, if Bulgaria is not the  country of residence for both of the citizens. It is permitted if one of the citizens has Bulgarian citizenship or  a residence permit (permanent or temporary).

For non-residents we organize symbolic wedding ceremonies.




2. Do you organize weddings in any place in Bulgaria?

Yes, we will be happy to create Your special day in any place of sunny  Bulgaria.



3. What month is the best for a wedding in Bulgaria?

Any time of the year is beautiful in Bulgaria, a land of warm and mild climate, a land where the sun shines 350 days per year.

May to September may be the best time as the weather is very stable - be it the coast line or mountains. This period is the most suitable for the couples who want to combine  holiday at the seaside with the wedding ceremony, or for those who want an outside / open-air ceremony. It is important to remember that this is also a tourist season which means early booking is needed and prices can vary.

Planning the  ceremony for winter (for example, on a ski resort) is also possible - winter in Bulgaria is snowy and mild. We cooperate with the top resorts - Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo.

Spring and autumn seasons will also surprise you with their quietness and still nature. It is the time when tourists are not here and we can choose many locations according to Your taste (for example villas and golf clubs that offer attractive discounts on accommodations and banquets)


So the answer is evident : any time of the year we are available for organizing your wedding at any place in Bulgaria.





4. What does the wedding in Bulgaria look like and how long does it take?

Usually it takes one day, but for Your comfort we recommend to save 2-3 days before for rest and possible jetlags. These days can be used for a pre-party, hen and bachelor party, relaxation in a spa or a yacht trip.


The wedding day itself starts with bride and groom preparations. Bride’s morning is a special ritual : stylist, makeup artist, photographer and videographer - they all come to take part. After this there is enough time for a relaxed photoshoot for our couple and their guests.

If the weather allows and we still have some time, we are happy to plan some historical and nature trips.

Directly before the ceremony we offer You and your guests a welcome drink accompanied by live music, our photographer is  taking pictures and there is always some kind of entertainment for everybody to take part in: writing in the Wishing Book, enjoying the Love Story Book of our couple and many others. Our wedding host / hostess is already here to meet all the participants of this fairytale event.


Ceremony is the most relevant part of the wedding day, and we do our best to be well-prepared. Taking into consideration the  history of Your acquaintance and important milestones in Your couple’s life and, we support you in writing the vows and the scenario of your ceremony.  That’s why the moment of You going to the altar (in our case it is the Arch) goes by in one breath. Nothing can spoil it.

You can’t really imagine how important are those 20-30 minutes for our team - well, everything depends on it, and it will be no surprise if You see us weeping with happiness together with you and your guests.

After the ceremony it’s time for a banquet which usually take place under the stars, on a cozy terrace with a sea view (as most of our couples come in summer), and we regulate the planned schedule according to your mood . This part usually takes up to 4-6 hours. During the tourist season, loud parties have to be over at about 23.00, but of course there are detached locations that are available for the whole night (prior negotiations required).

The next day can be planned for the trips or grill parties at the beach or even a Bulgarian cuisine workshop.

Keep in mind, that these are just examples of what we have already done and we will be happy to fulfil  Your personal ideas, dreams and wishes.





5. When do we need to apply for a wedding in Bulgaria?

Deadlines for Your application depend on the location you choose, its availability and facilities and the date of the ceremony.

There are not so many good locations that would absolutely suit our demands. If You choose a certain place which is popular among tourists and local people and it is weekend, the booking is required 8-12 months prior. This is the perfect time to achieve the high quality of our work and to pay attention to all the details.

5-6 month before the date is the average period, especially if the Big Day falls on summer season (June, July, August).

We can certainly do everything in a shorter period of time, however it will probably be a weekday and we will choose the location. Nevertheless, be sure to contact us not later than 2-3 months before the presumable date.

If organizing Your wedding day is even more urgent, we are still ready to help though the prices for our service may rise.

In case of a symbolic ceremony when the date and the day of the week are of no importance for You, we receive the applications 2-3 weeks before the agreed day.




6. What is special about the Wedding for Two?

Starting from 2018 we are happy to introduce You  a new kind of ceremony “Wedding for Two” as our vision goes far beyond the typical wedding pattern.

There is a great difference between a simple “ritual by the sea” and a real miracle, so Wedding for Two means You are not only the main characters of the celebration, but also your own guests. We create a complete scenario : from the bride’s morning to the wedding cake after the romantic diner; and we assure you this feels like a fairytale and you will never regret the choice of this magical ceremony.





7. What is the possible scenario of a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony and how long does it usually take?

This ceremony is the reason for You to come to Bulgaria and we pay extra attention to the preparations: the story of Your acquaintance, the wedding vows You will give each other, and the personal scenario of this day. In the morning we begin working at two places simultaneously: stylist, photographer and videographer work with the couple, and other members of the crew - sound director and musicians, host, floral designers and decorators - gets the ceremony location ready.

So when Bride and Groom walk down the aisle, it is of the same importance as if it were in the State Registry Office or in the City Hall - these 20-30 minutes are significant to us and very experience  happiness together with You.

When it is just the two of You, we often plan the ceremony at sunrise and thus you have the whole day to celebrate. If your family and friends are invited, it is better to plan the ceremony for sunset, so that all of you can enjoy the further celebrations in one of the sea-view restaurants.





8. Which services do you offer?

Everything that has to do with the Wedding Planning or any part of the wedding celebration - we are happy to do it for You. Further informations is to be found on the page “Services”.




9. Does our accommodation really matter?

It happens quite often that couples book accommodation and then contact us. This of course limits our resources, but if the ceremony is planned just for the two of you, it gets easier as we always can rent a car or order concierge-service.

In case You come with your guests , and especially if senior people are among your guests, we have to choose the location close to the place you will be living in. We do not want to spoil this day with lengthy transfers or uncomfortable weather conditions.

Important:  before booking an accommodation or a travel tour, consult us to  make the organisation of your wedding simple and secure the choice between various locations.





10. We are interested in an open-air Love Story photo shoot, just need a couple of photos. What are the prices?

We answer this question very often and want you to know that a lot of efforts and work stand behind a photo shoot. It’s not only efforts of a photographer and there is no such phrase as “couple of photos”. To choose these photos, a minimum of a 2 hours photo shoot is required. We don’t know how you act in front of the camera, what ideas you have and which results you await. Please enter our “Love Story” gallery and surround yourself with happiness.




11. Can we hire you as a wedding planner, but invite our own photographer?

Can we choose some contractors, and You will call them and arrange everything?

It is a favourite question of our clients who think that wedding planners are just mediators between You and other people. But it’s not the case : our job is gathering a team of professionals who look in one direction and aim at one result. This result you can see in our Portfolio.

That is why we have to refuse such suggestions ,offer you the services of our team or connect the contractors we trust.




12. How does the payment procedure go? How much is the prepayment and what are the deadlines for it?

Immediately after the decision to work together, we negotiate approximate costs. If it is a package proposal, prices do not change.

Ten (10) % of an event budget makes a pre-payment fee. We usually divide the whole sum in three parts: pre-payment as a deposit, the payment, subcharge (after we have arranged the budget) and  final payment on the day we meet in Bulgaria.




13. What does the location depend on? Where do the weddings usually take place?

Your vacation spot is the main criterion. We offer you locations that are situated close to your holiday destination and correspond to your demands.

In case of a symbolic ceremony on the beach our guideline is finding a beach that can be equipped for a ceremony and is quite enough. We cooperate with many locations and restaurants at several Bulgarian resorts and will definitely find what suits You the most.





14. What are the prices of car rental? Which type of driving license is permitted in Bulgaria?

Is it possible to spend holidays on one resort, and celebrate the wedding on the other one?

Car rental costs 15 Euro per day and you are permitted to drive with the International Driving License.

Transport costs may rise if you  plan to celebrate your wedding far from your accommodation.  The most convenient way would be to spend at least three days not far from the location of your ceremony where we will be happy to provide you and your guests with everything you may need.





15. What is the All Inclusive package - is it a symbolic ceremony or a complete wedding in Bulgaria?

Each service package has an All Inclusive option - meaning that the list of services and the price are fixed. We did our best and included possible discounts to make the best value for money .This will save your and our time and will not influence the quality of the services. You will receive two decoration concepts and full description of services via -your mail.




16. When is the best time for a ceremony on the beach?

It depends on the time of the year - if the event is planned for May or September, there is more time as the beaches are not crowded. But usually our couples choose summer season which means the places are full of tourists and the best time for an open-air ceremony is during sunset or sunrise. Great advantage of this is  natural light for a photoshoot. Please contact us for further information.


Still have questions?