7 principles of INSIDE WEDDING




The value of a wedding is determined not by the schedule of events, but by you, as the main characters of this story.






The main goals of our wedding planner Irina Retunskaya are to understand you, to feel you, to create a beautiful scenario for this day and to gather a team that will not only have all professional skills and qualities needed, but will fully reflect your values  and show genuine care for you and your guests.






Scenario and directing. A wedding for us is all about "the story of the relationship between two people with their own views, values, tastes, styles, sense of rhythm and inner harmony". We build the event around the questionnaires that you complete, and that is why each of our couples has a unique wedding with a personalised script and direction.






Choice of location and décor. Our wedding designer Anna Zemtsova is convinced that décor is just a nuance that emphasises the beauty of this day. We are for simple and intelligent décor, which is highly meaningful, carefully thought through, conscious of the environment and expertly integrated into your chosen location. To make sure every detail is perfect, we start working with a couple even before choosing a location.






We are very conscious that for many couples the accommodation for themselves and their guests is an extremely important aspect of the wedding. Our "Concierge service" is designed around care and comfort for every guest and couple. Therefore, when choosing a location, we select a harmonious, cosy place with convenient logistics and comfortable living conditions.





Flexibility. Our clients come from different countries, cultures and customs, so in our work we emphasise flexibility and openness to any new approaches to understand what your wedding day should look like and bring your ideas to life. We also take in account musical accompaniment and traditions and are very considerate of the emotional background.







Analysis. Having analysed each wedding, thought through every step of the entire celebration and discovered the intricacies of the work of the attendants, we have accumulated a vast reservoir of experience and insights that you can rely on to get the desired results.



Another key facet of INSIDEWEDDING is our international team which gathers professionals from different countries and cultures, which helps us o better understand your values and match them with the philosophy and mission of INSIDE WEDDING.


We can help you create lifelong memories and your very own personal family traditions.

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